Monday, November 16, 2009

so, when you hear a gunshot in the middle of the night, and its not a gang fight cuz there are no gangs... then you hear lots of laughing the next day and look out the window and see the guys scaring the dogs with the dead caracal... then you know you live in the bush!

baby triplets, getting love!
this is what you do for halloween when there is no pupmkin! (plus when your sis sends a felt your own barack!)

Friday, October 16, 2009

two days in a row!!!

can you believe it? i was a little distracted yesterday writing the post, but i will try to make up for it. these are pics of our swearing in ceremony, wearing traditional swazi wear! that was on august 28th i think, so its been almost 2 months now! dang! some back ground. we live with the Myeni family in Nsubane which is near the south african border in south eastern swaziland. at our homestead there is our host mom and dad (make and babe) our brother and his wife and 5 kids. we have tons of cows, chickens and goats! including our lovely orphaned goats, annabelle and oliver. i love them, they are like our pets! we are getting close to the end of integration and will be able to do more "real work" soon. we are doing pretty well, there are definately ups and downs, but its becoming like home. ourcommunity is super rural... as in you walk for an hour and a half to catch the bus, and on the way you maybe see a person or two. not many people speak english, so we are practicing siswati quite a bit. we love hearing from all of you and miss you a lot! hope you enjoy the pics, love you! peace

Thursday, October 15, 2009

hello all

ok, so it has been a long long time, but i thought i would just through up a few pics for you all to see. we are doing well, still in integration, which means we are staying busy (aka not busy) meeting people, going to the school, and doing a lot a lot of walking! we love our family so much! they are the most wonderful people i have ever met. the other day it was chilly and raining and i just sat for a few hours in the cooking hut around th fire with them. we chatted, ate a big lunch of corn meal porridge (lipolishi) and beans and Make just kept saying how happy she was that i wasnt full yet and hot fat i was getting (a compliment). we love you so much, sorry its been so long, i will try to update again soon.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

tomorrow, tomorrow

on the fourth day til leaving, america gave to me...
moving all our stuff over
dinner at sujees with lots of friends and yummy indian food!

on the third day til leaving, america gave to me...
coffee and breakfast with christiane
doing laundry with christiane
cleaning the house
lunch at the wedge (yummy)
and a going away party!

on the second day til leaving, america gave to me...
breakfast at classen grill with my mom and david
lunch at grams with the whole family!
packing our bags for the final and best time with the help of christiane!
a wonderful dinner and cake made by lindsay eaten with tyler, staci, josh, lindsay and chris and me!

on the last day til leaving, america gave to me...
the last load to the kramers
lunch at 501 with maggie, little maggie. gram and dad for fathers day
dinner with the kramers
and more goodbyes!

we love you all and will miss you dearly!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

heres our address

Susanne Kramer/Chris Kramer PCV
PO BOX2797
Mbabane H100, Swaziland

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

on the ....

on the eleventh day til leaving, america gave to me....

packing and still more pack
and yummy qeusadillas

on the tenth day til leaving, america gave to me...
a pedicure
crepe myrtle
a trip to lawrence
and zen zero
a documentary on crazy amish teens
hanging out with sicky alyson

on the ninth day til leaving, america gave to me....
walking around down town lawrence
lindsay getting new birks
dinner at free state brewery with rachel

on the eighth day til leaving, america gave to me...
a new camera

on the seventh day til leaving, america gave to me...
still more packing
dosas with sujee, lindsay's friend from the library

on the sixth day til leaving, america gave to me...
fixing chris's camera bag
helping chris pack
dinner with elyse and lindsay at galileos
kate spent the night
repacked my bag

on the fifth day til leaving, america gave to me...
my last breakfast and soy cappucinos with gram
a jin shin tara session
lunch at cafe 501
swimming at the kramers

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the twelve day til leaving (for swaziland)

on the twelfth day til leaving, america gave to me....
making a hat with nora for my sister
coffee with gram

stay tuned for the last eleven days...